For a thorough clean of your IT equipment, call the the computer cleaning specialists today!

Look closely at your keyboard - what can you see there, in amongst the keys? Can you see crumbs from your lunch? How many people have used your phone lately? Have you sneezed over your keyboard recently?

These are just some of things that leave you with dirty and germ-filled computer equipment. Don't despair - we're here to help! Computer cleaning is our specialty and we see it as an integral part of any OSH programme - this is especially important in times of Swine Flu and SARS.

Our service is thorough, efficient and cost effective and with a regular cleaning schedule, your equipment stays hygienic and retains its near-new appearance. There is a minimum of disruption to your staff and we have a range of options to suit your needs and budget.

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Locations where we clean

We currently service the Auckland, Whangarei and Wellington regions.


We are proud to be 100% New Zealand owned and operated, and have been providing the same high quality service to New Zealand businesses for over 10 years.

Call or email us today to discuss your cleaning requirements.

Obligation Free Demo Clean

If you are based in Auckland or Wellington, we will visit your office and provide an obligation free demo clean. The only requirement is that you have at least 10 PCs on site.

Please contact us today to arrange a demo clean or for more information if you are based outside of Auckland.

Benefits of Computer Cleaning

  • Equipment retains a near-new appearance
  • Internal computer cleaning can prevent breakdowns and overheating
  • Staff are happy with their working environment
  • Equipment is sanitised so germs are removed - this is especially important in the winter months when colds and flu outbreaks are common
  • It is kind to the environment - better to clean a a dirty keyboard than add to our landfills.
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